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Mentors In The Hair Industry, Why Mentorship Is Important

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The beauty industry is rapidly growing and evolving at all times. There are both benefits and downfalls of the rapid changes. A downfall is that the turnover rate is pretty high for barbers and stylists. Because of the industry turnover rate, it can be challenging to find a mentor that has been in the industry for an extended amount of time. Still, there are plenty of professional hairstylists and barbers that have been doing hair for years and would be willing to offer mentorship. Mentorship is crucial in the hair industry. Having a mentor will benefit your career in multiple ways and help you grow to be a successful hair professional. Below you will find the most fundamental reasons to have a mentor in the hair industry.

How Do I Find A Mentor?

You may be surprised to learn it is relatively easy to find a mentor in the hair industry. A great mentor is someone that has the experience, is thriving, and knowledgeable. The key is to find someone who you look up to and admire. Once you have found someone you think could benefit your career and skill set, all you need to do next is ask the person if they would be willing to mentor you. When asking someone to be a mentor, they are humbled and will say yes.

What Is The Difference Between A Mentor And a Master Hair Stylist?

The difference between a mentor and a master hairstylist is, master hairstylists are hair professionals who have been doing hair for several years and have mastered their craft. A mentor is a hair professional who will work with you and be a sounding board for anything hair-related or career-related. A lot of times, master hairstylists double as mentors for a coworker or friend. Master hair professionals are a fantastic mentor to have; if you can find a master hair professional to be your mentor, you struck GOLD!

The Benefits

Trade Knowledge

A considerable benefit of having a mentor in the hair industry is the trade knowledge they have. A mentor will most likely have been in the industry for an extended period. They know the ins and outs of the industry. A mentor has seen the rapid growth and development of the industry and will be able to see new changes coming before a naked eye. The trade knowledge you can gain from a mentor is fantastic.

A Mentor Will Help You Learn New Skill

Depending on the mentor you choose, you may learn a little bit or a whole lot! If your mentor is also an educator, they will help you grow your skillset and master any styling skills you feel are difficult to complete. No matter what, you will learn something from your mentor when it comes to crafts. Your mentor will likely have different methods of doing hair skills that you may not know. The mentor may also have “short-cuts” that can save you significant time behind the chair. Having a mentor is almost like having a built-in educator at your fingertips.


Having someone to hold you accountable for your goals and business development is impressive. A mentor can help you stay on track and advice you to reach your professional goals and skills. It is so lovely to have someone on your side, almost like your own little cheerleader!

Beauty Business Advice

When it comes to business in the beauty industry, things can become tricky and confusing. Growing your business can be scary and filled with unknowns. Having a mentor makes your business growth easier by giving you business advice and learning from their mistakes you can avoid by listening to them. Having a mentor can help you grow your business and get ahead of everyone else.


A lot of times in life, it’s all about “who you know.” The more connections you have in the industry and community, the better the success rate. A mentor will likely have many contacts and connections because of their experience and expertise. A mentor’s connections could just so be that stepping stone you need to get to your goal.


There is nothing quite like having a cheerleader cheering you on and wanting the best for you. A mentor can also serve as a motivator, someone who keeps you going when you get discouraged. The motivation can come from the meteor themselves or even their success. Having a highly successful mentor will also be motivating to be able to land those dreams and success.

A Great Sounding Board

Having a successful mentor is excellent because it usually can relate to you and industry-specific things. Mentors in the hair industry will help you because they have likely been where you are and can advise you on the issues or situations that come up. A mentor is great for running ideas by to see if they think your idea is good, bad, or ugly. They are, in general, a great resource to have by your side.

Mentors in the hair industry are a great way to grow professionally and personally. Mentors can help with a variety of different aspects of life and in your career. The reasons laid out above on why a mentor is vital in the industry are just a few. There are many more reasons why mentors are an excellent thing for hair professionals. The benefits of having a mentor are outstanding. If you don’t already have a mentor, go out and find one! If you are an experienced hair professional and want to be a mentor for someone else, reach out to them, Surely they will be honored to have you as a mentor.

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