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Here Are the Top Six Modern Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month In Salons And Modernized Approaches To Honor Women’s History Month As A Hairstylist

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Our industry is Female dominated! The month of March is such a necessary time to recognize the amazing women in our industry. Especially the women who have made breakthroughs to help us get to this point. There are many ways to approach celebrating Women’s History Month. These are a few of the best-updated ways to commemorate the amazing women in this industry.

Support Other Local Salons Or Barbershops

There is something to be said for women supporting other women! Go pick up some products at another locally women-owned salon or barbershop. Shout out some other local stylists and barbers on your social media to show your appreciation and support for them. It is doubtful that you will lose any customers by supporting other women stylists and barbers. Especially if you are a stylist shouting out a barber or vice versa, picking up a product or going to get your hair done by a friend can make a huge impact and make someone’s day!

Treat Yourself To Celebrate The Historical Women’s History Month

2021 is all about Self-care. The essential thing in life is your own body so remember that self-care is not selfish. Remind yourself of that a few times. Do something beneficial for your soul, heart, and body. If you happen to be a woman yourself, celebrate women’s history month by treating yourself! Book a massage or pedicure. Maybe even get your hair blown out! Taking care of yourself is crucial, and you can support other women by doing it! 

Write An Enthusiastic Review For A Woman-Owned Salon Or Female Stylist

Take just a few minutes of your time to write a review for your women friend or coworker in the industry! If you know about online reviews, you know that they significantly impact a stylist or barber’s success. They will appreciate you so much for taking some time to write a review for them. Writing the review is a small gesture that will go a long way. 

Dish Out Compliments To Your Clients And Coworkers

If there is a time to dish out compliments to your women coworkers and clients, it’s the month of March! A simple “I love that necklace” Or “Your hair looks great today” will put a smile on the other person’s face and could make their day! Focus on uplifting and complementing the women around you; it’s a great habit to form and takes little to no effort to do.  

Be A Mentor For Another Female Stylist Or Barber

There are constantly new stylists and barbers graduating from school or entering into the beauty industry. Find a woman who is a stylist or barber that is new to the industry, reach out and offer to be their mentor, or give them some career advice. Having someone have your back is a great feeling for a new and intimidated stylist or barber! 

Be An Ally For Female Stylists And Barbers

Take some time to educate yourself about intersectionality, inclusion, and diversity, and truly understand unfairness, especially for the women barbers and women-owned businesses in our industry. Take time to recognize how far we have come as a society and how much further we genuinely have to go. Taking time to educate yourself and learn will make you understand all of the historical things women in our industry have done to get us to where we are today. 

Written by: Catie Delahanty

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