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6 Tips For Price Increase Success And The Best Way To Configure A Salon Price Increase Notice

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Increasing prices as someone who provides services to the public can be intimidating. The fear of losing customers can drive the desire to raise prices. Do not let fear keep you from earning what you deserve. You may lose a customer here and there, but your value and worth are much more essential. Haircutting, styling, and coloring services are an art that is valuable and unmatched. If you are struggling to decide if you are ready to increase the prices for your services, keep reading to learn some tips and advice on raising your hair service prices.

How To Make The Announcement About Price Increases In The Salon or Barbershop?

When you are ready to increase your prices, it is best to give your clients at least a one-month notice; if you can announce two months in advance, that is even better. The early announcement will give you time to notify all of your clients and make sure they know about the increase. You will want to post the notification in as many areas as possible to ensure the notice is visible to all clients at all times. Post the announcement on each station, in the bathrooms, and at the front desk. Sending out a mass email announcement and a mass text message announcement is helpful to notify your customers. With social media being so prominent in today’s society, it is an excellent idea to announce the price increase on all of your social media platforms. A place you don’t want to forget is your website and online software page! Posting in all of these places will cover all your grounds and ensure everyone is aware of the upcoming increases.

When to Increase The Salon Or Barbershop Price Menu?

salon price increaseKnowing when to increase your prices can be challenging, especially if you are unaware of your worth. If you have been to the gas pump, grocery store, or anywhere to purchase something lately, you are sure to have noticed the increase in prices everywhere. The time of Inflation is a great time to raise salon or barbershop prices. Society is aware of prices going up, so they will be less shocked when they see your costs going up as well. If you have taken education that has enhanced your knowledge and skills, that is a great time to raise prices.

How To Handle Long Time Salon or Barbershop Clients

You may be surprised that most of your long-time clients will support the increase in your prices and will be your biggest cheerleader along the way. There will always be someone who complains, but handling the situation can make it or break it. The best way to go about complaints is by addressing them head-on and answering any client’s questions. You should never have to explain yourself, but be honest and straightforward with your clients.

Make Sure The Barbershop And Salon Prices Increase Across The Board

If you decide to raise your price, for one thing, it is best to raise prices across the board. Raining the price of just one service can come across as confusing to the salon or barbershop clients and leave confusion down the road. When you increase your prices, increase them across the board amongst all your offered services.

Prove Your Worth To Salon And Barbershop Customers

When you buy a new tool like a new set of Hanzo Shears, share that with your clients, so they know you are using the best of the best on their hair. As well as education, when you take classes, hang up your certificates, tell your clients about your class experiences; that way, the clients will know you are investing in yourself, your craft, and most importantly them! You are bettering yourself to ensure they have the best of the best! This information and being open with your clients allows them to understand better when you raise your prices.

Bing Your Cost Into Play

If you are switching from commission to booth rental, your cost for operations can go up. The location change is a great time and reason to raise prices while allowing you to explain to your customers and rationalize why your prices are increasing., To make money and have a profitable career, you have to consider your costs.

Raining prices is intimidating, but taking that leap and trusting the princess will leave you feeling empowered and successful. There are so many people in this world who need a fantastic hair professional to cut, style, and color their hair. The customers who value you as a professional will follow you wherever you go, and new customers will replace anyone who does not find value in your services. You have to take care of yourself and realize how valuable you are.

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