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Trying To Sell More Retail? 10 Tips On How To Sell Hair Products in a Salon or Barbershop

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Being a salesperson and being a hairstylist sound like two different career paths, but–surprisingly–hairdressers are some of the most successful salespeople. I doubt you started a career in hairdressing because you love sales, just keep in mind: selling retail can increase your income significantly! Here are a few pointers on how to boost your retail sales in your salons…

Don’t Be Afraid Of Selling Retail

The main reason hairdressers don’t like to promote retail products to their clients is because they don’t want to make their clients feel uncomfortable, or feel like they are pushing something on their clients. Trust us–this is something we completely understand. However, clients actually love to get advice on products from their stylists at the salon. Most clients value their stylist opinions and suggestions FIRST because you are their hair expert!

Knowledge Is Power

Knowing your product lines like the back of your hand will help you sell like a champ. Take some time to research your product lines in your salon. Look at the ingredients! It helps if you believe in the brand you are selling. There’s nothing like authenticity to back up your sales pitch. Your knowledge and passion will make it easy to sell what you love.

New Eye-Catching Salon Displays

When a customer steps into the salon, your retail display should be the first thing they notice. There are many awesome DIY and cost-effective ways to display your products. Make sure they are not dusty and cluttered. You want your products to be clean and organized. Many product lines even have free displays that you can use to decorate your salon and catch the client’s eyes. If a manufacturer or brand that you sell offers you a “point of purchase” display, take it!

Revise Your Display

Go online to get ideas. The possibilities are endless. Get creative. After all, you are in one of the most innovative industries! If your products are not selling, change up your salon display, and move products around! Maybe even highlight a “salon product of the month.” Clean presentations can “make it or break it” when it comes to retail sales!

It All Stems From A Great Salon Consultation

Great consultations have so many benefits. Salon consultations are an excellent opportunity to ask a ton of questions that will help you sell retail at the end of the service. Ask about what they are currently using on their hair. Ask the customer if they have any issues with their hair and everything they love AND hate about their current products. Most importantly: ask them about their lifestyle. Are they super active and wash their hair everyday? Or would they prefer to go a day or two between applying shampoos, conditioners, and other products to their hair? Paying attention to their answers will help you recommend the perfect set of products for them at the end of their service. When you pay attention and bring up the things you spoke about in the consultation, your clients will be more inclined to purchase what you recommend.

Share Knowledge With Your Client

When you are shampooing your client, educate them on the products you are using. You should explain WHY you are using them. In fact. educate them on EVERY product you are using throughout their service! The key here is to talk about it in a casual, but educational way. You don’t want to sound pushy. You want to educate your client on the products you are using and why they are great for their hair. Doing this will make it easier for you to close the sale!

Get Familiar With Your Retail Products

The best way to learn about a product is to use it yourself. Take the salon products home and play with them in your hair. Pick out a few products that you like! Most retail lines have informative classes where you and your co-workers can learn more about the products they offer. Many products can perform in multiple ways that you wouldn’t think of when reading their description. For example, if you have a “gel” product, you might be surprised that it can work as an excellent blowout product. Knowing all of your salon products, their ingredients, and what it can do for the hair will make your clients feel confident in your suggestions.

Customize The Hair Service

When you have a new client sitting in your chair for the first time, make sure your station is clean and clear of all products. After you use a product, set it on your station for them to see. Once you finish your service, you can repeatedly go over each product and explain why you used it on their hair. Customizing the product selection to THEM will make your clients feel special!

Incentives Like Sales And Promotions

Everyone loves a good sale! We love the idea of having a salon product of the month that you can highlight and maybe even discount for them as part of their service. Get creative with your sales and promotions. There is an abundance of great ideas to get products moving. Another idea is to ask your brand and product lines to give you some free samples to hand out to clients. This way, when a client buys a product, you can give them a “free gift with purchase” and it won’t cost you anything!

Promote Online

Promoting your retail products online is an easy way to get your products selling. Not only will this help you sell products, but it can also bring new customers into your salon. It can especially attract new customers if you are carrying a unique or exclusive product that they can only get at your salon. If you have a more attractive offer than any other salon in your area, the customer will come to you to buy their products. Promoting online makes it easy for customers to buy with just the click of a button!

Written by: Catie Delahanty

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