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Salon Playlist: A Guide To Picking Or Creating The Perfect Playlist For Your Salon

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The music you choose to play in your beauty salon can alter the mood of your clients and staff. Your playlist is a crucial business aspect to pay attention to and have control over. Not every stylist will have the same choice in music, so having set salon playlists for your staff to play is best. Having salon management make a playlist avoids arguments amongst salon staff about what to play each day and allows customers to enjoy getting their hair done. There are a few crucial aspects to pay attention to when building your salon’s playlist. Here are some points to pay attention to when creating your playlist.

Look At Your Salon Demographic

Look at the demographic of your salon stylist and clients. Are most of your salon clients over 40, or do you have a younger demographic of clients in their 20’s? If your clients are primarily in their 40’s, you will want to choose music that is tasteful to them. A great way to find songs to play is by googling “popular songs 20 years ago” This will give you some great options to play for your salon clients if that is the demographic of your beauty salon.

Decide Your Music Vibe

You will want to decide the vibe that you are going for in your salon. Are you going for more of a spa-like feel, or do you want more of a trendy salon vibe? Take a look around your salon; the music you choose should complement the look and feel of your salon. The great thing about music is that there are so many different songs; if you are looking for a spa-like feeling, you can choose instrumental varieties of popular songs that suit your beauty salon demographic.

Playlists With Variety Are Key

Picking a variety of music is vital. Selecting the hottest songs right now, along with a mix of popular oldies, will allow everyone in the beauty salon to enjoy the music. Picking different cover varieties by various style artists can be a great to blend the old times with the new times. Even if your demographic is mainly older, throwing in some more contemporary songs is ok because you may have some younger salon employees who will enjoy it.

Once you have all your variables laid out, it’s time to start building your perfect beauty salon playlist. A weekly or monthly salon playlist is excellent because it allows you the opportunity to change it up and add new songs or other customer favorites. When you build your salon playlist on whatever platform you choose, keep in mind that some songs may have profanity, and your customers may not enjoy that. Pick clean versions of the songs if you want to stay on the safe side.

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