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The Hanzo Artist Choice Set

The Artist Choice set from Hanzo masterfully combines some of our top shears into one exceptional set. It includes the ultra-precise HHP Pai Mei, the versatile HH1 Kamikaze, the detailed HH6T Kime Texturizer, and the efficient HH14T Shimatta. This set is an essential toolkit for every creative stylist, ideal for those who view each client as an opportunity for artistic expression.

The Hanzo Artistic Choice Set includes:

Elevating Craftsmanship: Hanzo Shears' Fusion of Ergonomic Elegance & Japanese Steel"

HHP Pai Mei - 5.5 Inch Right Handed Professional Shears - Premium Nano Powder Steel
HH1 Kamikaze Dry Slide Cutting Shears - 5.5 Inches Right Handed - Ergonomic Handle
HH14T Shimatta Medium-Coarse Blending & Texturizing Shears - 6.0 Inches (26 Teeth)
HH6T Kime Texturizer - 6.0 Inches (16 Teeth) - Blending/Point Cutting Dry Hair Shears

The Artistic Choice Set from Hanzo Shears includes:

HHP Pai Mei

Known for its extraordinary strength and sharpness, the Pai Mei is a game-changer for stylists who prioritize precision and durability. Its advanced nano powder steel construction ensures unparalleled performance, making it ideal for crisp, clean cuts and flawless bobs.

HH1 Kamikaze

A marvel in dry slide cutting, the Kamikaze stands out with its wide blade and unique radius. Whether you’re sculpting face-framing layers or working on detailed texturizing, this shear excels in delivering smooth, effortless cuts, especially on coarse or curly hair.

HH6T Kime Texturizer

For stylists who love to add texture and remove weight without compromising the hair’s integrity, the HH6T is the perfect tool. Its 16-tooth design and curved serrated teeth glide through hair, offering versatility in softening lines and creating subtle, natural-looking layers.

HH14T Shimatta

This medium-coarse blending texturizer is your go-to for efficient debulking and blending. With 26 teeth, it’s adept at removing bulk while adding a soft, visual texture, making it a fundamental tool for both cutting and styling.


Each shear in the Artistic Choice Set represents the pinnacle of design and craftsmanship, ensuring that every cut is a testament to precision and artistry. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring stylist, this set equips you with the tools to unleash your creative potential and redefine the boundaries of hairstyling.

What you Get!

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Versatility in Techniques: Each shear in the set is designed for specific cutting techniques, from precise straight cuts to intricate texturizing, ensuring versatility in your styling repertoire.

Enhanced Precision and Control: The advanced design of these shears, like the nearly flat thumb blade of the HHP Pai Mei and the wide blade of the HH1 Kamikaze, offers superior control and precision in every cut.

Durability and Quality: Made with high-quality materials like nano powder steel, these shears are not only durable but also maintain their sharpness longer, ensuring consistent performance.

Efficient Styling: Tools like the HH6T Kime Texturizer and HH14T Shimatta allow for efficient blending and texturizing, reducing the time and effort required for complex styles.

Comfort and Ease of Use: Ergonomically designed for comfort, these shears reduce hand fatigue, making them ideal for stylists who work long hours.

Ideal for Various Hair Types: Whether dealing with fine, coarse, curly, or straight hair, this set provides the right tool for every hair type and texture.

Professional Results: By using the right tool for each technique, stylists can achieve cleaner, more professional results, enhancing client satisfaction.

Opportunity for Creative Expression: With a range of shears at your disposal, you can experiment with new styles and techniques, pushing the boundaries of your creative expression.

Investment in Career: High-quality tools are an investment in your professional development, enabling you to provide top-tier services and grow your client base.

Uniformity in Tools: Having a consistent set of tools from the same high-quality brand can improve workflow and efficiency in your styling process.

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Pai Mei


HHP Pai Mei - 5.5 Inch Right Handed Professional Shears - Premium Nano Powder Steel




HH1 Kamikaze Dry Slide Cutting Shears - 5.5 Inches Right Handed - Ergonomic Handle




HH14T Shimatta Medium-Coarse Blending & Texturizing Shears - 6.0 Inches (26 Teeth)
Kime Texturizer


HH6T Kime Texturizer - 6.0 Inches (16 Teeth) - Blending/Point Cutting Dry Hair Shears

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Hanzo Shears FAQs ​

What does Hattori Hanzo Signify?

Hattori Hanzo: where quality meets artistry! Our premium Japanese steel products are crafted with expert precision and designed with stylists in mind. With superior ergonomics, every cut is an experience worth remembering. Trust Hattori Hanzo for top-notch craftsmanship and unforgettable haircuts!

What material are Hanzo hair shears made of?

Hanzo never compromises on quality – our products are made with the finest quality Japanese steel, cobalt and molybdenum alloys.

Are Hanzo professional hair shears ergonomic?

At Hanzo, we’ve got your cutting needs covered with our range of ergonomic shears. Our hair cutting scissors feature a countersunk tension lock and screw-in bumper for precision control. Choose from classic, offset, and crane handle designs, or try out our swivel and double-swivel options for even more flexibility. Get ready for a cutting-edge experience with Hanzo shears!

How different professional shears are categorized?

Hanzo hair shears are a class apart. We offer a variety of handle types, blade edges, swivel options, finishes, and materials to suit every stylist’s needs. Choose from our classic, offset, or crane handle types, and experience the precision of premium Japanese steel, cobalt, high carbon or molybdenum alloys. Don’t settle for less than the best – choose Hanzo!

Which handle type is the best for you?

Hanzo offers a wide range of professional shears which are made in premium Japanese steel. Three handle types are available: (1) classic, (2) offset, and (3) crane.

hanzo shears handle types 

  • Classic Handle Shears – Classic handles offer a balanced grip which is perfect for scissor-over-comb technique.
  • Crane Handle Shears – For professional hairstylists who do a lot of point-cutting, the crane handle suits best.
  • Offset Handles Shears – work well while using the slicing technique for creating gradual, layered effects

What accessories does Hanzo offer?

Hattori Hanzo provides a wide range of professional hairdressing tools, including cleaning cloths, electric trimmers, premium combs, shear cases, finger sizers, nano blades, holsters, spray bottles, folding and straight razors, shear lubricants, and tension adjuster keys. Check out our premium accessories for professional hairstylists.

Do you need help picking the right professional hair shears?

Hattori Hanzo offers 24/7 live support to help you choose the right shear for your hairstyling needs. Check out our blog for detailed shear guides. Cut and style with confidence using the best tools from Hattori Hanzo. Contact us now.

Are blending and thinning shears the same?

Blending shears and thinning shears may be used interchangeably, but they have different strengths. Blending shears are best for perfecting the scissor-over-comb technique and creating bob haircuts, while thinning shears are ideal for adding texture and volume to hair. Blending shears have various types based on the spacing of teeth and blade design, with options for wide-spaced teeth and straight or toothed blades.

How to take care of Hanzo Hair Shears?

Follow the following steps to keep your Hattori Hanzo professional shears sharp and new:

  1. Regularly clean your Hanzo professional hairstyling shears using a good quality cleaning cloth.
  2. Check the tension on your Hattori Hanzo shears using the premium tension necklace.
  3. Regularly check your Hattori Hanzo shears for nicks or scratches – if there is any issue send it over for sharpening and we will have it fixed in no time.
  4. Use a good quality UV sterilizer and properly lubricate your shears with HHWX Shear Lubricant. 
  5. Get your shears sharpened every 500 haircuts or 3-4 months.
  6. Storing your Hanzo professional hairstyling shears in a good quality shear case can help prolong its life.

How to Order Hanzo Cutting Shears?

  1. To order Hanzo shears, select the shear you want to buy and click “Add to Cart.”
  2. Apply any promo codes and proceed to checkout, entering shipping and payment info.
  3. Use the live chat on website, call or text 916 790 5291 to try any of the hairstyling shears above.

You can also follow us on Instagram (@hanzonation).