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Salon Station Ideas That Look Great and Save Time

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Having time shaved off of appointments can not only make you more money, but it may even give you time to sit down and eat lunch for once! Saving time in a salon is gold. There are many ways to save time by using specific techniques and tools as well as staying organized. The organization is a huge time saver in life and the key to success. Saving time in the salon starts with organizing and decluttering. Time is money, so check out these salon station ideas to save you time in the salon.

Time Saving Salon Tools

The tools you are using in the salon are a significant factor in the amount of time on the hair. A considerable time-saver is using a long shear for cutting hair. Using a longer blade will allow you to cut more hair at once while keeping a straight, precise line. Another time-saver is a high-quality, powerful blow dryer. Hair can take 30 minutes to get dry if you are not using a suitable blow dryer. Investing in these tools can save you time which in turn will pay for the investment!

Organization Of Salon Tools

A considerable pain for a lot of stylists is tangled cords. Instead of spending time untangling cables every time you go to use a tool, keep your cords neatly put away and organized so that when you go to grab a curling iron or blow dryer, it’s ready to go, and you don’t have to wrestle with a tangled line.

Beauty Salon Product Shelf

Having your salon products on display at your station is a significant benefit for many reasons. The display will allow the customers to see the products and ask questions; they are more enticed to buy them. Also, having the products at your station will save you time by not having to run to the backroom or a product shelf every time you need a specific hair cream or hairspray.

Salon Station with Organization

salon station ideasHaving a salon station that is functional and organized can not only look great, but it is vital for a successful day at the salon. There are many cute ideas for salon stations now, but not all of them are functional. A super cute trendy station might not be the best route if it is not practical and equipped with drawers or cabinets.

Good Salon Lighting and Mirror

Having good lighting in the salon is great for a few reasons; one of the main reasons is color application. If the lighting is off in the salon, it can cause you to have to take the client outside to show them their color and take pictures. If you have good lighting in the salon, you can take photos at your station. Another thing to have at your station is a large mirror. A large mirror will ensure your clients can see their hair clearly without having to go to a different area to look at their hair.

Salon Cleaning Products In Station

Cleaning is vital right now; having products already at your station ready to go will allow you to clean the area immediately after each appointment. The cleaning products at your station will also save you the headache of looking around for each product and knowing when your product is low.

Salon Organization Tips

Keeping organized can help your salon look clean and professional. Clients will feel much more comfortable in your salon if it is organized and clean. You can organize the magazines in the waiting area by subject/color—organizing the color area so everything is labeled and has a spot. Another great way to organize is by labeling everything in your station, so each tool and item has a place. You won’t have to keep looking around for things.

Saving time is a big game-changer in salons. Also, keeping organized keeps the job less stressful and easier to go about your workday. Use these ideas to organize your station and salon so that you can save time while making your salon look clean and organized!

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