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Pixie Cut Perfection- How To Cut, And Style A Pixie Cut

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Pixie haircuts are super cute and can be styled and cut in multiple ways. The pixie cut can be intimidating to perform, but it should be just as easy as any other haircut with the correct tools and technique. The thing bout pixie haircuts is they vary when it comes to style. There are ways to style it so that it looks uniform and smooth. Another popular way to wear a pixie is super textured and lived-in. A Pixie can also vary in length anywhere from chin length up to an inch long hair. When clients come in and ask for a pixie, it’s important not to assume what pixie they want. Because of the variety of pixie cuts, it’s a great idea to ask them to show you a pixie picture or explain what pixie they are looking to get. A Pixie is super fun to create. We sat down with Melinda Kay, one of our top educators and pixie expert, to give our readers some advice. Here are some answers on what you may need to perform a pixie and cut and style the pixie.

What Is A Pixie Haircut?

Melinda says, “ I think a pixie cut can have many definitions but for me, a pixie cut is a very short, feminine haircut.” A Pixie is a short haircut but not a buzz cut. A Pixie is a haircut where the length is between a very short bob and a buzz cut or one-length haircut on the top of the head. Pixie cuts can vary in length but are short hair and generally cut to the length right above the ears.

Essential Tools You Will Need To Cut A Pixie?

When you go to cut a pixie, there are a few shears you should grab. Each shear will play a different role in the pixie haircut, but each shear is essential. These shears would also be perfect for any cut involving short hair. Melinda suggests a variety of shears to use “I use anywhere between 4-6 pair of scissors for every cut, especially pixies. Every tool serves a different purpose. My tool selections vary with each cut based on density, texture, and weight.My go to’s are HH6 6.0, HH1 6.5 & 5.5, 40T, HHV 4.5, HHP 6.0, VT1, VT2, VT3. I know it sounds like a lot BUT they all serve a purpose and surprisingly make the job so much easier and quicker. I complete pixie cuts in 25-30 mins whereas before, when I was using only two scissors and/or a razor, it took double the time just for the cut alone. I was overcompensating for those 3 tools not giving the results I needed or wanted. ”

How To Cut A Pixie?

It will depend on what pixie your client is wanting. A staple to cut a pixie at any length is to cut the foundation first and getting the perfect starting point. The cut will depend on if the client wants a shorter or longer cut and if the client wants a more textured cut or a more sleek cut. When you do cut the pixie, make sure to follow Melinda’s advice on how to cut a pixie; Melinda Keener is a master at short hair, and she says, “I cut visually and artistically using the head shape as my guide. This way, I can create a custom cut for every guest. Choosing the right scissors is what will ultimately make the difference. I want to always deliver a feminine cut for a pixie guest.” using your client’s head shape to guide the cut is critical. The client’s face shape is also super important to pay attention to when performing the cut. Also, as we talked about before, picking up the correct tools to cut the pixie will make a world of difference.

How To Style A Pixie Cut?

Styling the pixie is also going to depend on the customer’s wishes. There are many various ways to style a pixie depending on the cut and how long the hair is. Melinda gives excellent advice on styling a pixie saying, “Dependent on how long or short the pixie is. For shorter a pixie haircut, I choose a dry pomade/wax like ADH Dry and a texture/volume powder like Oribe Swept Up. I apply a small amount ADH Dry onto the wet hair for pliability and blow dry the hair. After its blow dried, I pump in the Oribe Swept Up for styling. For longer pixie cuts, I still use the ADH Dry the same way as I would for the shorter pixie but I also apply a root lifting product for volume like Sexy Hair Blow It Up and blow dry lifting at the root and using a round brush to smooth the ends and for styling. After blow drying, I pump in Oribe Swept Up for styling at the root and sometimes all over but never using too much. If you do, it’ll be a whole mess.”

How To Curl A Short Or Long Pixie?

The advice Melinda gives is excellent advice on how to curl a pixie cut. Melinda says, “I prefer “undone waves” on longer a pixie haircut. I use a 1” Hot Tools Black Gold Micro-Shine Flat Iron and wrap the hair around it and slide down, so the ends are more straight, rather than curled.” Depending on the length of the hair, you may have to adjust your barrel size to something smaller if the hair is shorter on the pixie you are styling. Short hair is harder to curl, so make sure to be extra careful not to burn yourself or your client.

What Face Shapes Are Best For a Pixie Cut?

Pretty much pixie hairstyles will look great on all oval, square, and heart-shaped faces. A Pixie looks wonderful on round faces because the pixie cut provides angles and dimensions, which visually will soften the roundness of the face. With a pixie cut, you can define the facial features like the cheekbones and jawline. Melinda believes any face shape is perfect for a pixie, Here is what she says about face shapes and pixie cuts “To me, there is no “correct” face shape for a pixie. It’s more about the correct haircut for that particular guest. When guests say “I don’t have the right face shape for short hair”, normally, it’s because that’s what they’ve always  been told or because they only see short hair on certain women. Hair is art. Sure there’s a need for structure, and I implement that into my haircuts, but at the end of the day, it’s our job as stylists to create cuts for our guests that suit their daily lives and accentuate their features. Even those features they didn’t know they even had. My favorite line is “I didn’t know I had these cheekbones!”

A Pixie is a great way to add character to a face and a remarkable transformation to make someone’s face shine. The spring and summer are prime times to cut the hair off. Pixie cuts are one of the top styles for the spring and summer because many people want short hair to escape the heat from the summer months. A pixie cut allows for creative freedom and allows your inner artist to come out and get to work. Most pixie cuts are a work of art and should get treated as such.


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