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Tips for Hattori Hanzo Shears Stylists. How to Check, Clean, and Maintain Your Hattori Hanzo Shears

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Now that you have invested in the best shears in the world we are going to talk you through how to check, clean, and maintain your Hanzo blades! You might be in a scenario where your shears are feeling “off” or looking “dull.” Don’t worry, we are here to help. Not only do we have the best shears on the market, but we also have the highest quality sharpening process in the industry. Your shears will need to be sharpened here and there, but in the meantime these tips will help you keep your shears in tip-top shape!

How To Check The Tension On Your Hattori Hanzo Shears


The tension on your shears is a game-changer. Where can you find your tension? The tension is in the middle of your shear where the blade meets the handle. Your Hanzo shears are equipped with inset tension which can easily be adjusted with the tension key that came with your shears. We also offer a premium tension necklace that doubles as a beautiful piece of jewelry. The best way to test your tension is to hold your shear straight up and down with the Hanzo logo facing you. Then open your shears completely and let them close on their own–they should stop at about halfway between fully opened and fully closed. Make sure to reference the tension key card that came with your shears. If you have lost that card you can check out this video to walk you through step-by-step:

YouTube: How To: Check and Adjust Your Shear Tension

Checking Your Hattori Hanzo Shears For Nicks And Scratches


One thing you will especially want to check is your blades. They should be nice and clean with no nicks or scratches. If your shear does indeed have a nick or a scratch, send it in for a sharpening and we will fix it up for you. Your shear should have a bumper in the middle of the handle that avoids the blades from crossing over one another. If you find that any pieces are missing from your shear please contact us to get your shear adjusted or fixed.

How To Clean And Sanitize Your Hattori Hanzo Shears


In 2020, it has become even more important to sanitize and clean everything. This includes your tools. Your shears need to be sanitized and cleaned frequently. To keep your shears in tip-top shape, you should be oiling your shears weekly or monthly! Oiling your shears will allow for them to operate smoothly and efficiently. It will also keep them from rusting and getting stiff. To oil your shear you will need to open the shear at a 45-degree angle and apply oil to the middle part where the handle meets the blade. You only need a few drops. Over oiling can make the shears very slippery which can result in you dropping them.

What Cleaning Products To Use


You have invested money into your tools, so taking care of them correctly should be a top priority. We recommend investing in a UV sterilizer. These are great because there is no liquid being used on the shear. It keeps the shear nice and dry while sterilizing the metal. The key to cleaning your shears is to never let any type of liquid dry onto your shear. If you are cleaning your shears with a disinfectant product make sure to give it a good wipe down afterward. It is best to take the shear completely apart when doing this to make sure there is absolutely no liquid left over.

How To Maintain Your Hattori Hanzo Shears


Shear maintenance starts with sanitizing and cleaning your shears daily. Different barbershops and salons will have different sanitation requirements and procedures. You should be cleaning and sanitizing your shears in between clients to ensure there is no cross-contamination. We recommend wiping your shears down regularly when cutting to keep hairs out of the blade. You will want to make sure that you are checking your tension regularly to make sure they are adjusted properly. You will also need to make sure you are wiping your shears down with your chamois after each use to ensure you are removing all of the little hairs that could be getting caught in the blade. You shouldn’t be able to see any hairs on your blade or in the tension area.

How To Tell If Your Shears Are Ready For A Sharpening


You will most likely know when your shears are ready for sharpening. The main sign to look for is bending hair. If your shears start bending hair when you are cutting, give your rep a call to come to take a look at them. Another way to tell if your shears are dull is to take a Sanek strip, wet it down, and then cut it with your shear. If the Sanek strip bends you are most likely ready for sharpening. If your shear cuts the sSnek strip then it is still good to go!

How Often Should You Sharpen A Shear?


We recommend sharpening your scissors every 500 haircuts or 3-4 months. Maintaining your shears will ensure a longer lifetime on the shear. It is also important to maintain your shears for good hand health. If your shears are dull or the tension is not set properly, it can increase the force required to cut the hair. This can eventually make it very hard on your hand when you are cutting. Proper shear maintenance will reduce this force and help protect the muscles in your hands for years to come.

Who Should Sharpen Your Shears?


Hattori Hanzo of course! We’re also the single largest shear sharpening firm worldwide–sharpening well over 100,000 pairs of shears each year in our California-based headquarters. If you own Hanzo shears we highly recommend enrolling in our StaySharp program. This will allow you to sharpen four times over 12 months. It will also serve as inSHEARance. The program has a monthly charge of $10. If your Hanzo shears are lost, damaged, or stolen you will be able to get a replacement shear! Simply pay a deductible fee of $150 and the shear will replaced with a brand new set. The deductible applies regardless of the original shear cost. This is an incredible value for those barbers and stylists who have invested in those high-carbon tools!

Keeping your shears in tip-top shape will benefit you and your shears! We are always here to help you with anything you need. If you have any questions about your shears please feel free to contact us by either calling your local rep or calling our corporate office at 916.790.5291 and we can arrange your sharpening service over the phone. Thank you for being part of the Hanzo family!

Written by: Catie Delahanty

Edited by: Torrey Loomis

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