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Haircutting Without A Net: How The Hair Industry Has Changed Post-COVID

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The coronavirus has made some large shifts to the hair industry. Some of the changes are big and some small. The world, in general, is always changing and adapting. This pandemic has caused our industry to relook our sanitation practices and get creative to provide the safest service for our customers. Our sector has some of the most in-depth and thorough sanitation practices. The coronavirus has amplified those already put in place. With the curveballs Coronovirus has thrown at us, the hair industry is still thriving and making the most of what we have.

A New Look For The Hair Industry

Some salons might look a little different now. It seems like plexiglass is everywhere you look nowadays. Some salons have incorporated plexiglass to protect their stylists and their customers from the coronavirus. Another change in the salon’s look might be that the waiting room is no longer there or roped off. A client may now wait in their car until they are ready to come in after you have cleaned and sanitized. All of these changes are great for you as a stylist or barber because it is protecting you. You are in a vulnerable spot as a barber or stylist, so protecting yourself when you can is essential. Prepare your clients before they come in, so they know what to expect and can feel comfortable. Send them a text the night before with your covid protocols. Your client will appreciate the heads-up and feel confident that you are handling the coronavirus safely and effectively.

No More Double Booking

Double booking clients meant you were able to see more clients in a day. Double booking is a double-edged sword because you can make more money in a day when you double book, but it’s also doubling your exposure in a day. You may have to add an extra day into your schedule to accommodate all of your clients. Price increases may also be necessary because of this! Your client will feel safer when you focus on them, and You can assure them that things are being cleaned and sanitized correctly. Increasing your prices due to the pandemic is more than understandable. You have to buy more cleaning supplies and take more time out of your workday to clean. It is about to be a new year, which makes it even easier to increase your prices. Be confident in your decision, whatever it may be.

Smaller Capacity In A Salon Or Barbershop

Most states have reduced the capacity in business because of covid; this includes salons and barbershops. Stations are being spread out or blocked off. Smaller capacity also means fewer stylists working at one time. Reduced capacity could result in having to change your schedule to fit in all of your clients unless you have a suite. If you have been on the fence about getting a suite, now may be a great time to make that change. Suites provide a smaller space that you can control and keep clean. A private suite will also reduce your exposure to other clients that are not yours. If you are in a large salon, do your best to keep the space clean. Try to workaround the decisions made out of your control.

Covid Health Screenings Before Hair Appointments

Health screenings for both clients and employees are happening in Salons and Barbershops. Temperature checks and health forms are the new norm. Make it as comfortable and easy for your client as possible by talking them through the steps and why you are taking these extra steps. Being empathetic and understanding during this time is vital for everyone, especially those providing personal services.

Enhanced Sanitation Practices And New Covid Sanitation Practices

Our industry, in reality, has some of the highest standard sanitation practices. The coronavirus has shifted a focus onto the sanitation practices in our industry. Now more than ever, it is so important to be practicing all of those standard practices and even adding a few steps into your daily routine. You probably feel like you are regularly cleaning and sanitizing. Your supplies can never be too clean. Ensure when you are cleaning and sanitizing your shears not to let any liquid dry onto your shears. You should give them a good wipe down to ensure they are completely dry!

Masks And Other Covid PPE

The Hanzo Mask

There are some creative ways to protect yourself and your clients while keeping you safe and comfortable. Masks and Face Shields are the most common PPE we see in salons. You may be struggling with cutting and coloring around a mask or other PPE. Having disposable masks at your station will give your client the option to switch masks, so their mask won’t get ruined by color or accidentally cut. Because of covid, most beauty supply stores have disposable masks you can keep on your stations.

Industry Virtual Education Is Now Everywhere

Virtual education is everywhere. Virtual education is a fantastic benefit that covid has brought. Access to education in the industry is more available than ever. Take advantage of this time; you have to learn! If you are thinking about getting into extensions or want to master your fading skills, take a quick virtual class on it! Virtual education is the most significant positive to come out of this situation; you can learn at the click of a button.

Most Significant Change In Salons After Coronavirus

The most significant change in the industry is probably the client’s comfort level. It is crucial to make sure you are making your clients feel as comfortable and as safe as possible. Walking into a salon and seeing all of the adjustments can make a client feel weary and uneasy. You can shift this by staying positive and making their experience fun and relaxing. Many people are feeling uneasy going to salons because of covid. After your done servicing a client, an excellent suggestion is to ask them to write you a review on Google or Yelp. Have them highlighting what a great job you are doing with Covid and how you and your salon are following the protocols keeping everyone safe.

What Remains The Same Within The Industry

We can all agree that hairstylists and barbers are resentful and excited that they can work. The hair industry is still thriving and evolving. The hair industry is not going anywhere. Keep your head held high because you have an entire community cheering you on and supporting you. We will continue to adapt and overcome.

The coronavirus has brought change to every industry. The Beauty industry has stepped up to the plate; stylists and barbers have gotten creative and overcome many obstacles. Hair Stylists and Barbers are essential in our world! That has not gone unnoticed—the amount of support the world has given the beauty industry is truly tremendous. Keep adapting and charging forward; the best is yet to come.

Written By: Catie Delahanty

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