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6 Tips For Choosing The Best Shears For Your Barbering Career

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Whether you just graduated from barbering school or you’ve been behind the chair for years, your shears are one of your most essential tools. Purchasing shears for a hairstylist or barber can be expensive, but it is an investment in your future and success. The number of shears to choose from can seem overwhelming and impossible; with these tips, you will be able to narrow down your options and pick the shears that are perfect for you!

Different Lengths For Different Purposes

Having various lengths in your kit as a barber is crucial because you perform many different skills that require different shears. You will want to have a shear with a longer blade around 7 inches to conquer those big transformations and cut off large bulks of hair. Longer blades are also great for shear-over comb techniques. A shorter blade around 4 to 5 inches is excellent for detail work and trimming up facial hair. Lastly, you’ll want a shear that has an average blade of around 6 inches to work as your workhorse shear; this will be the shear you use most throughout your day.

Invest In Quality

choosing the best shearsWhen it comes to shears, quality is what sets different brands and shears apart. Purchasing a high-quality shear is vital because it will carry you through your career. You won’t constantly be having to buy new shears every year. You invest one time in shears that will last you years. To figure out the quality shears, you will need to research and find out where the shears come from and what materials are used to make them. Japanese steel shears are the highest quality shears you can buy. Japanese steel is highly durable and stays exceptionally sharp for longer than most shears.

Find The Perfect Grip

An essential factor to look at when you are buying shears is the handle. There are many different shears handles to choose from; the goal with the handle is to find a shear that perfectly fits in your hand and promotes good hand health. An ergonomic handle is what most barbers are leaning towards because it positions the hand to stay in a natural state, avoiding extending the wrist and causing carpal tunnel if you have the option to try a few different handles before you purchase your shears.

Protect Your Investment

Warranties don’t come with all shears. Having a warranty on your shears is a good idea because you will most likely drop them at some point. When you are spending a large amount of money on shears, you should have a warranty with them. If the company offers a warranty, make sure to sign up for it, and if it is an add-on fee they require, it is worth the money to protect your investment. Please consider this when looking at price tags; some companies will upcharge for the warranty, making their shears much more expensive than a higher quality shear whose company includes the warranty.

Don’t Forget About Texture

Texture shears are a must as a barber. Your hair cuts will stand above the rest when you are using the correct tools. When buying a shear for texture, you will want a multi-tooth shear with around 14 teeth. This way, you can create texture without removing too much weight. Texture shears will make your life a barber much more effortless and deliver the results you want to see. Something to consider when purchasing a texture shear is finding a shear that glides through the hair; you do not want to buy a shear that will pull your client’s hair.

Blur The Lines

As a barber, you will most likely be doing some fades because they are on-trend right now and very popular. A blending shear is a lifesaver for fades and shear over comb cuts. Having a multi-tooth shear with around 40 teeth will allow you to bend the lines throughout your haircuts without removing a ton of hair. A blending shear works like an eraser in your hair cuts.

With these tips, you should be able to narrow down your selection and pick the perfect shears. Having the right tools in your toolbox will make you a confident and efficient barber. Make sure to research before you buy a pair of shears; your wallet and career will thank you.

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