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Taelor Swan
Hattori Hanzo Shears

Celebrating Women’s History Month With Hanzo Nation Featuring : Taelor Swan

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Taelor Swan has worked for Hattori Hanzo Shears for 5 years now. Taelor has overcome many obstacles and become one of the most successful female sales representatives at Hanzo. She is adored by her clients and co-workers. Taelor is the epitome of a successful and strong woman. When Taelor was a young girl she had a dream of designing shoes and become a dancer. Little did she know she would become a sales representative for Hanzo. Before Hanzo, she worked as a hairstylist for 2 years before she decided to become a sales representative. She has made a large impact on the hair industry in the Detroit area.

Can you tell us about your career journey in the hair industry?

I decided to start hair school after going through college and not loving it a friend recommended I go to beauty school. I did hair behind the chair for about two years and then went to work for a hair extension company. I then landed a job at Hanzo and have never looked back!

Could you share an example of a hurdle or obstacle you experienced during your career journey and how you overcame it?

When I started with Hanzo I moved to Michigan from Indiana. Moving to a whole new state and starting a new job was a huge obstacle. Not knowing anyone was extremely intimidating. It was tough to start a new job in a new place. I just worked every day and hoped for the best. I got my groove after a while and have met so many amazing people in the meantime.

What has been your biggest career and/or personal achievement?

I have made the Presidents club trip 4 out of the 5 years at Hanzo. The only year I didn’t make it was the year I got married. I work really hard and making that list every year is a huge accomplishment for me. Also, finding what makes me happy, I really love my freedom and this job has allowed me to find balance and happiness.

What advice would you give young women about a career in the hair industry?

This is a women’s industry! Get into the industry work hard and you will succeed! There is an entire community of female hair professionals that will support you and help you find success! This industry is a great place to be a female!

Who are your favorite women in history, women who inspire/empower you?

Stevie Nix –  I love her music and her personality, she doesn’t take crap from anyone. I aspire to be like her.  She stands up for herself, is independent and successful.

What changes do you hope to see towards gender equality in the upcoming year?

I truly believe we are moving in the right direction. Gender norms are being put to rest and we are becoming a society based on people, not gender.

How has sexism personally affected you?

I am super involved in the “car world” which comes with gender stereotypes, Often times people think because I am a female I don’t appreciate cars, the work that is put into them, and just the overall beauty of the cars. I feel like sometimes people assume that I have no idea what I am talking about or don’t know anything when in reality it’s a huge passion of mine and I appreciate it more than most men.

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