Salon New Years Resolutions For Hair Stylists And Barbers

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can you believe it’s 2023 because we can’t! Time is flying by, but as always, a new year means a new fresh start! The new year is always filled with resolutions and things to stick by for the entire year. We put together a few Salon New Years’ resolutions just for our […]

This Shear Kit Will Create the Perfect Modern Shag Every Time

Shag haircuts have made a huge comeback. We are seeing them every rocked by both women and men. It is a versatile hairstyle that comes in various shapes and sizes. Stylists and Barbers can do shag cuts in many different ways, but the tools needed stay the same across the board. We put together the […]

Are You Experiencing A Creative Block? 11 Ways To Spark The Creativity Bug Again

Creative blocks come and go, and they can feel defeating for artists at the moment. There are many ways to overcome a creative block and even avoid them altogether. It’s essential to stay healthy and hydrated To keep your mind’s creative juices flowing. Another key in keeping your mind going is getting enough sleep. Sleep […]

6 Budget Friendly Holiday Gifts For Salon Clients

As a hair professional, the relationships you build with your clients are the glue that holds the business together. Clients love to feel heard, seen, and appreciated. Of course, throughout the year, you have quality conversations with your clients and make great connections, but the holidays are a great time to make them feel extra […]

Gifts for Hair Stylists; A Holiday Hairstylist Gift Guide For Your Favorite Stylist

It’s the time of year where gift guides are essential for every particular person in your life. Your stylists are no different! We put together a gifts for hair stylists guide fit for any hairdresser! A Cutting Shear For The Hairdresser In Your Life Hairstylists’ most used and most essential tool is their cutting shears. […]

6 Ways To Build An Emotional Connection With Your Clients

Emotional connections are golden nuggets in business. It is essential to build connections with those around you and those who do business with you to be successful. These types of connections aren’t just “oh yes she i my client” its more like “Oh yes, Shelly is my client , her favorite color is pink and […]

4 Reasons Investing In High Quality Professional Shears Will Make You More Money

You read that right; investing in good shears will bring more money in for you! Your shears are one of the most vital tools used as a hair professional, and far too often, hair professionals use low-quality tools because they are less expensive. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. When using a […]

Make The Most Out Of The Holiday Season With These Tips

The holiday season is here. What an exciting time for salon staff and owners. It is not only the busiest time of the year but it is also the most cheerful time of the year. There can be a lot of commotion in salons during this time so taking the time to really enjoy the […]