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Cosmetology Continuing Education Classes (CE)
Hattori Hanzo Shears

5 reasons to take Cosmetology Continuing Education Classes. And you thought your class days were over!

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YES! So you finished all your Cosmetology School courses, got your state license, and are ready to conquer the world. But let’s be honest…there will ALWAYS be so many more courses you can attend to learn and grow.  Fresh trends pop-up every year in cosmetology. And old trends always seem to make a comeback with a new look. As any successful career stylist or barber will tell you:

“Cosmetology Continuing Education Classes are the resources that will help fill in the gaps…”

And some states even require a minimum number of training hours in courses each year for your license renewal! Take advantage of these resources because there are SO many benefits to attending these courses. They’ll help to build your own personal cosmetology brand and keep your license renewal on track.



Within the beauty business, there are continuing education classes to fit everyone. From courses in cosmetology for new graduates and beginners all the way up to resources for master stylists.  If you are feeling less confident in a specific skill, taking a continuing education class on a subject will help you feel more comfortable. You’ll become more confident stylists and barbers! And circling back to get continuing education on the basics can help if you have forgotten some small, but important steps in your services.

How many of your mentors still do training on doll heads from time-to-time? Practicing your cosmetology basics is a great way to stay sharp. And one of the best resources to obtain practice is by taking CE classes. You can have the best resources, the nicest salon on the block, or the best Japanese shears available…but there’s nothing that beats being 100% confident in your cosmetology skills. And there’s no better resource for that than cosmetology continuing education.



Resources for the cosmetology industry are constantly evolving with new products, styles, and tools.  So use those resources! Take advantage of your product suppliers that offer free CE training or continuing education courses on how to use or sell their products. For example, attending CE courses on the specific “wet” products your salon offers will not only benefit your client, but it will boost your salon’s sales as well.  You may be ready to train on more advanced cosmetology techniques. Topics like “painting the complete balayage” or “seamlessly blending haircuts.”

Taking continuing education classes to improve your knowledge of these cosmetology trends, products, and styles will make your client’s experience even more complete.  There is nothing better than a confident stylist or barber!  That’s why Hattori Hanzo offers such a wide variety of CE classes in cosmetology. We want you to become as complete and confident in your cosmetology skills as possible. Some of these resources are even free! Check online for descriptions of all of our continuing education courses.



Business development skills are often taught in Cosmetology School. But if you’re going to focus on building your brand, you really need a complete “dive deep” into cosmetology entrepreneurship training.  Even among the most robust set of continuing education courses, learning how to build your own brand is a critically overlooked skill. And yes–there are continuing education classes offered specifically on this topic. You just have to know where to look! With the trend of “salon suites” in cosmetology becoming more popular you must understand how to manage and grow your business. Cosmetology CE classes geared toward marketing your brand help you market what you do best. Courses such as:

  • Color services
  • Hair extensions
  • Styling services
  • Best practices for salon sanitation & health
  • Client health


If you feel like you need more training on marketing, check out Fully Booked Chair! It’s an amazing set of online resources made specifically for marketing stylists and barbers to LOCAL clientele with a sharp focus on turning leads into new customers ASAP. Click HERE to check it out.



Did you know many states require cosmetology continuing education classes to renew your license? For example, the following states require CEUs (continuing education units) to renew your license with your state:

  • Alabama: 8 CE hours every two years for license renewal
  • Connecticut: 10 CE hours every two years for renewal
  • Florida: 16 CE hours every two years for license renewal
  • Georgia: 5 CE hours every two years for renewal
  • Illinois: 14 CE hours every two years for license renewal
  • Iowa: 8 cosmetology CE hours every two years for renewal
  • Minnesota: 4 CE hours every three years for renewal
  • Mississippi: 16 CE hours every two years for renewal
  • Montana: 30 CE hours every two years for renewal
  • Nebraska: 8 CE hours every two years for renewal
  • Nevada: 4 CE hours every two years (in Infection Control) for license renewal
  • North Carolina: 24 CE hours every three years for renewal
  • North Dakota: 8 board-approved CE hours per year for renewal
  • Ohio: 8 board-approved CE hours every two years for renewal
  • South Carolina: 12 CE hours every two years for renewal
  • Texas: 4 department-approved CE hours every year for renewal
  • West Virginia: 4 CE hours per year for renewal
  • Wisconsin: 4 board-approved cosmetology CE hours every two years for renewal

And while many state beauty boards don’t have a continuing education requirement for cosmetologists and barbers for license renewal, some state cosmetology boards DO have an ongoing continuing education license renewal requirement for cosmetology instructors. Spend those continuing education class hours looking at salon health best practices. These should definitely be reviewed on a regular basis! You can get updates on important cosmetology resources such as labor law changes for salons. And proper health and sanitation–which has especially changed drastically during 2020.

Your state board license renewal depends on strict adherence to these guidelines. You can never be too careful when it comes to the complete health and safety of you and your client! And this is just one of the many topics covered when you attend continuing education courses for your state cosmetology board license renewal.



Continuing education is critical — but knowing your clients is a must! What are you doing to stay connected with them — ESPECIALLY between appointments? Did you know there are tons of beauty industry apps and cosmetology sites available to help with every aspect of your business? You can keep detailed notes regarding aspects such as color use, client styles, hair health, personality, and styling preferences. And what did they look like the last time? You can keep photos of your client’s hair health and progression at every cut. Understand your client’s hair so you can offer them beauty tips that will improve their hair health, flatter them, add style, and keep them coming back.

One of the best apps out there is Tanto. It’s a booking and scheduling app that will keep you organized and punctual. But it’s so much more! Want to have your clients easily rebook online? Tanto can handle it. What about online payment and quickly checking them out after a service? Tanto can do that too. Knowing a skill or style before it becomes popular will keep you ahead of the game–but your clients need to have confidence in your business professionalism as well. Tanto can help be your personal “virtual assistant” behind the scenes focused on the health of your cosmetology business while YOU focus on the art of hair.



Get your continuing education (CE) and training right here at Hattori Hanzo Shears!  We offer a large variety of both in-person and online cosmetology CE classes. Check out our education page to find a cosmetology CE class near you!


Also, check out Fully Booked Chair to learn how to best market your business online and become a successful stylist or barber with a full book of business in no time!



Written by Catie Delahanty

Edited by Torrey Loomis

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