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Why You Should Be Using A Online Salon Booking System-The Advantages Of Salon Scheduling Software And A Booking System

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Online booking systems are the hot new thing, and they aren’t going anywhere. The online business management world is taking off for a reason. If you haven’t already transferred over from a pen-and-paper system, you should look into it sooner rather than later. While technology is a great thing, it does have its downfalls. Suppose you are still on the fence about changing your booking system. In that case, these are some of the advantages of transferring your salon to an online system.

Salon Booking Always Available

Online shopping is taking the world by storm because of its convenience. Managing calendars and appointment scheduling is no different. Being able to book an appointment quickly with a stylist is a must-have for clients these days. Say you take the day off or are away on vacation; your clients typically will have to wait until you’re available to book their appointments. Your book is open 24/7 with digital booking systems – clients can use your online appointment scheduling system whenever convenient. Having an online system saves both you and your client time and headaches.

Increase New Clientele With Booking Software

Online booking is a great way to get new clients to your salon. Having a “book” button on your social media makes it so simple for a new customer to click and book an appointment with you. The software will collect all of the new client’s data, so you won’t have to worry about it when they come in.

Less Scheduling Confusion

When you allow your clients to use online booking, they can leave you notes and even send you pictures of what they want to get done. Having a reference will help you prepare for the color they are requesting! You can even change their appointment length if you think the picture they sent will take longer than the time they originally booked.

Reduce Salon No-Shows

An online system offers two significant features that drastically reduce no-shows – credit card information input needed when booking and automated notifications. When your clients book online, most systems will allow you to require credit card information from them before they can book a service. Because of this feature, clients are more likely to show up for their appointments to avoid a deposit fee and cancelation fee.

No-Hassle Scheduling Notifications

Online systems also can send your clients notifications and reminders.  The systems will email and text customers about their appointments. The notification will ask them to confirm their attendance. That way, they are less likely to forget and cancel at the last minute or just no-show you.

Keep Salon Availability Updated

If your client decides to cancel, that appointment will automatically open up for another client to book. You won’t have to worry about missing someone’s text that they want to cancel their appointment and have an empty spot in your day. The next client wishing to get in will be available to book that spot.

Contactless Online Transactions

With the way the world is today, social distancing and cleanliness are some of our industry professionals’ top concerns. One way an online system can help with that – contactless payments. Make sure you choose a system that can safely and securely store payment information for your clients. That way, when you check them out, you can take payment without handling or exchanging cards or cash. It will make your checkout process seamless and easy.

Organization And Proficiency Soars With Online Booking

These apps will help tremendously with keeping you on time and your books full. You can save photos of your client’s hair to reference for the next time they come in or decide a year later they want the same haircut you gave them last October. You will be able to pull up that photo to remember what you did quickly.

Make More Money With An Online System

That’s the goal. We all know time = money. The more appointments you can fit into a day, the more money you can take to the bank. With your online schedule, you will provide the maximum number of appointments in your day. With online apps, the time spent running your business will be drastically reduced so you can focus on the client in your chair. All these fantastic features listed can help you achieve your earning potential by efficiently managing your time. Switch your book to an online system and watch your profits grow!

Track Your Salons Profit

Tracking how much money you have profited throughout the year will help you prepare for the months ahead and plan for the future. Finances are a large part of success. It is essential to know how much money you are bringing in and where you can save money in your business.

Easy Formulation Storage

Every stylist has lost a formula or forgot to write it down at some point. Online booking apps have fantastic features that allow you to save your client’s formulas and collect data on your clients for future appointments. You will easily reference their digital client card to see what formula you have done in the past.

Picking The Best Salon Software

Now you might be asking, “ok, I want to switch to an online booking system, but how do I know which software is the best?” Based on research into the main points made above, Tanto is the best software on the market. With Tanto, you get:

  • A free unique booking website upon sign-up
  • A digital personal assistant to handle all your notifications and reminders
  • Informational client profile pages that stores pictures, notes, and past appointment details
  • Intuitive Contact List, sorting so you can see what clients are due for an appointment.
  • Business reporting to help you set income goals, track progress, and file taxes

And much, much more. Tanto stands out above the rest. The best part, there is no long-term commitment. If you are unhappy with the app, you can cancel at any time with no penalties or fees. If you’re ready to make the switch, check out Tanto. It is the only booking software that we recommend.

Written By: Catie Delahanty

Edited By: Jessica Linkert

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