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Are You Experiencing A Creative Block? 11 Ways To Spark The Creativity Bug Again

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Creative blocks come and go, and they can feel defeating for artists at the moment. There are many ways to overcome a creative block and even avoid them altogether. It’s essential to stay healthy and hydrated To keep your mind’s creative juices flowing. Another key in keeping your mind going is getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation will cause brain fog and plays a crucial role in creative blocks. The best way to overcome creative blocks is to get inspired. We have discovered a few ways to overcome these blocks; keep reading to find ideas for beating creative block.

Spend Time Outdoors To Spark Creativity

The great outdoors holds so much beauty and can be inspirational if looked at through a clear lens. Take some time to get fresh air, whether going for a walk, sitting on a park bench, or dipping your toes in the sand at the beach. Spending time outdoors can spark the creativity you can bring back to work for inspiration!

Invest In Some New Tools

Sometimes, it just takes a little retail therapy to spark that inspiration and motivation when you are in a funk. Investing in your craft shows that you believe in yourself and will motivate you to make beautiful art through your work with hair. Buying something like new shears may be the trick to getting your creative side pumping.

Pick up A Industry Magazine For Inspiration

Magazines are a great way to look for inspiration and ideas. Magazine edits are usually over the top and creative. Industry magazines, filled with new and improved products and literature from other hair professionals, inspire. Magazines are a great way to spark creativity, and you may even learn a thing or two!

Take a Creative Class

creative block attend stylist classHaircutting, coloring, and styling classes are always inspiring, being that most times, a new skill is learned or taken to another level. A great idea to spark creativity is attending a class taught by an artist that you look up to and admire. Classes will not only motivate you to go back and get your hands in some hair, but they will also allow you to perfect your craft and grow as a hair professional. Creativity comes from stepping outside your comfort zone.

Yoga Is Great For Creative Blocks

Exercising is great for getting energy flowing and blood flowing to the brain. While vigorous exercise may not help with creativity, taking a yoga class can. Yoga is a great way to slow your mind and body down and think about things that make you happy, motivated, and inspired. Yoga is excellent for deep breathing as well. Taking a yoga class may be the inspiration that your mind needs.

Find A Work Mentor

In the beauty industry, mentors are crucial. Not only for the growth of your business and skills but also motivation, inspiration, and creativeness. When finding a mentor, make sure to look for similarities in interests, skills, and learning styles. Mentors are a great way to keep your mind thinking and want more for yourself and your business.

Explore the Web For Creativity

The internet is a perfect way to find creative outlets and inspiration for your craft in today’s day and age. Jump online and look through Pinterest, Instagram, or TikTok to find hair pictures that stick out to you and something that you want to try. The internet is full of fantastic hair and inspirational hair professionals.

Pamper Yourself

Being a hair professional, you often forget to take care of yourself. When you are not taken care of, your mind will not work as well. Take some time to get your hair done, grab a massage or maybe get your nails done. Do something for yourself that will make you feel great and inspire you to get your mind flowing again.

Call A Stylist Friend

Often we can feel like we’re alone in times of creative blocks, but chances are your co-workers, and stylist friends have or are currently experiencing the same thing. Your friends can give you some of their advice from their own experience, or you can talk through it with them to come up with ideas together. Friends are always a great resource to lean on during these times.

Get In A Routine To Avoid A Block

Getting in a routine can often avoid creative blocks entirely. Havening a  set schedule that you follow will keep you on track and not allow your mind to fall into a slump. Have a plan for your personal life and your work life as well. Set boundaries and limitations so that you aren’t overextension yourself and doing things that don’t inspire you or bring you joy!

Keep a Journal

Journals are a great way to express yourself. Having a journal to look back on can be inspiring to see how far you have come. In your daily routine, set aside 5-10 mins to write in your journal about your day and the work you did and anything that inspired you or brought you happiness. Journal records will be a great tool to look back on in the future.

These practices can overcome creative blocks. When you are a hair professional, your creativity is essential, and you want to keep it going. Creativity and inspiration go hand in hand. Keep your mind full of things that inspire you and motivate you to create beautiful hair!

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