The Mamba


  • Vintage weathered yellow heavyweight cotton
  • Unisex fit for any body type
  • Classic Hanzo branding
  • Select your current size for an ultra relaxed fit
  • Select a size down for a more snug fit

No matter the gender, no matter the fit. Make a statement and enjoy this over-sized boxy streetwear tee crafted from some of the finest materials in the clothing industry. This is our introduction into high-end clothing and we can’t wait to see you rock these shirts whether you’re working behind the chair or just going about your daily routine. This drop of the HHV Mamba Shear Series shirt features one of our number one selling shears for years now. You’ll also find two snakes reminiscent of two classic American anti-heroes: Mamba and Copperhead. Dig a little into your cinema collection and you might find these two names from one of your favorite directors cast of characters. These shirts run large! Order true to size if you want an oversized fit. Order down a size if you want it more fitted.

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