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The Hanzo Camo Trucker

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  • Ever try to sneak into work late? Then YOU KNOW the need for high quality camouflage gear! The new Hanzo Camo Trucker solves all your problems…or at least the ones that don’t involve your ex and child support. Pop on this green wonder and your boss won’t see you as you slide into the shop…as unnoticed as those DM’s you sent your crush the night before. And if you DO get caught, our bulletproof mesh on the back protects against all kinds of airborne articles. (Well, mostly soft items because it’s really not TOTALLY bulletproof, but it’s definitely MORE than capable in a Nerf battle…) And while the outline might not be pure gold thread and it doesn’t REALLY protect against The Dark Arts, you can be assured you’ll still look good working all day in this sweet green hat. Get yours today…

    • DOD approved camouflage pattern
    • The Hanzo H logo outlined in pure gold thread
    • Kevlar reinforced mesh for extra bulletproofing
    • Resizable straps come as an extra bonus
    • The perfect headwear to protect against rat tails and The Dark Arts
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