The Hanzo Bucket Hat


  • Our most branded Hanzo hat
  • Reversible style for versatile wear options
  • Solid black side with a bold Hanzo logo
  • Flip inside out for a patterned Hanzo look with a wild side
  • Premium construction for that seamless reversible look

The Hanzo Bucket Hat is a sharp turn from the rest of our headgear options. When you’re looking for something different in your wardrobe, just reach for this distinctive-looking hat that’s seamlessly reversible in two adventurous looks. The first side offers a classic black style with a bold Hanzo logo. Reverse it inside out for a wilder look with a random arrayed pattern of Hanzo logos that will go well with any daring choice you choose to assemble. This is a super adaptable hat that will work great in any situation, but it will definitely sell out. So get yours while you can.

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