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“The presentation was exciting and informative. As a professional in the industry for thirty plus years and attending many classes, I was very impressed with the artist’s natural talent as an educator. They represented Hanzo with professionalism and savvy. We had other area stylists attend the class as well and it was great to meet other passionate stylists in our community. We would recommend their class to anyone and hope to have them back again.”

Cindy Bender

Owner, Hair Benders Garage St. Augustine, FL

“When we announced that we were hosting a Hattori Hanzo cutting class, it took no time at all to gather stylists from over 20 salons in the greater Richmond area to laugh, mingle, and learn from an amazing educator. The artist bestowed his passion and knowledge of the industry upon an eager audience, and he was humble and gracious all the while. Every salon should be so lucky to host such an event!”

Kate Montgomery ​

Owner of Parlor Salon Richmond, VA

“My salon team and I are so happy to have discovered Hanzo! We love the shears, but the education that they have been providing has been amazing! We feel the educators are so interactive and informative. The techniques the educators are teaching we can use in some form on every guests hair we touch”

Shanna Kalynych​

Owner of Frangipani Salon Jacksonville Beach, FL​

“I love educating in other salons because it’s part of my continual growth being a stylist. The more I educate the more I learn. It’s really cool how giving my inspiration gives back to me.”

Lee Trevino​

Stylist & Educator

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