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Virtual – Staying Relevant and Intro to Business Development 8:00PM EST

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Virtual Studio (Richmond, Va)

April 30, 2020

08:00 PM

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What can we do now to stay relevant and keep money coming in? Just how do you get the exposure you need on a day to day basis for yourself or your salon? 


We will brainstorm some ideas and take this time we have to find new outlets to bring revenue in from our homes.


the class schedules will be:


We will discuss these topics in detail:

-staying relevant today 

-how to make income today

-how to properly use virtual tools to connect with clients

-how to inform clients and keep them coming back

-programs to revamp your branding and business (if interested)

-sales, the 5 steps in any sales process and how to get your clients what they need right now and when you reopen

-how to get referrals and how to increase rebooking

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123 Main Street , Richmond, 23221 VA

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