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Virtual – Laying down the LOB and her friend BOB – 2PM PST

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Rob's Virtual Studio

May 12, 2020

02:00 PM

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Melinda Kay

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In this virtual hair cutting class Melinda will explain and help you develop your visual and technical skills. @heymelindaK, is from a small town in eastern NC.

“ I’ve been behind the chair for 16 years and I was a salon owner for 10 of those.  I have a passion for precision cutting, product education, and mentoring/encouraging others. I’m a platform artist and educator for one of the newer product brands in our industry, Design.Me where I travel and talk…. a lot.  Now, I get the honor of bringing my own little Southern flavor to the Hanzo team!  I’m positive everyone will take away a good bit of knowledge and saying “y’all” by the end of every class I teach.”

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123 Main St , Folsom, 95765 CA

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