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Nado, a Philadelphia native residing in Norfolk, Virginia was born an educator. Since his high school years he wanted to be an educator. Six years later after serving in the United States
Marine Corps, he found himself in Virginia studying barbering. After completing barbering school he decided to continue his education and enrolled into cosmetology school. This is where the opportunity to become an educator was first presented.
In 2017 Nado opened his first of now four barber shops and salons where he continues to educate and welcome any person that wants to learn barbering and business. Nado has created
over twenty successful barbers and at least half of them own their own businesses today. The concept for Nado’s classes and his business mentality comes from his family. Nado’s family has
owned several businesses throughout his life, which exposed him to how to be a businessman.
His style of teaching is very passionate and unique. Nado is someone that truly loves the craft and helping others succeed.

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