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Missy Barr created a passion out of love for all things of beauty. At a young age, she knew the beauty industry was her calling. After leaving her hometown, Pittsburgh, PA, and moving out west to Phoenix, AZ; She finally enrolled herself in cosmetology school, and with her grind, grit, and determination, she graduated in 2012. Missy had a late start to her cosmetology career, that didn’t stop her from making up for the lost time and accomplishing her goals.

Shortly after she graduated from “The Studio Academy of Beauty,” she found herself instantly in the hair-show circuit, working as an “Artist/Brand Ambassador” for Enzo Milano. Traveling from city to city while maintaining a full book of clients behind the chair, this is where her love, talent, and skill set truly blossomed.

Her cutting style specializes in ‘Dry Don’t Lie’ and understands the head shape, and focuses on the right tool for the job. Missy’s classes emphasize techniques that will save the stylist and barber time cutting by utilizing a more effective and efficient cutting style for a female and male clientele.

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