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Michael O’Rourke is a legend of hair from South Africa. He is a world-famous platform artist known by hundreds of thousands of hairdressers for his dynamic stage presence, award-winning system, and ability to inspire and motivate. Michael founded product lines Big Sexy Hair and now Rock Your Hair. Michael is a creative genius with a passion for hairdressing. Michael has had a fantastic career as a platform artist, salon owner (he owned a chain of 50 salons in the LA area), and beauty entrepreneur.

Michael has always said you can only help people from a place of power, and he has been creating businesses his entire life to give back.

Michael O’ Rourke is from Celebrity hairstylist and entrepreneur who founded the product line Rock Your Hair. Some of the biggest influencers across social media, including the LeBlanc and Summerall families, have partnered with his Rock Your Hair brand, as seen on his company’s Instagram and accounts. Michael won the North American Hairdressing Lifetime Achievement Award.

Creator of Big Sexy Hair, Michael O’Rourke is a world champion hair artist who has been teaching and motivating stylists for five decades. The knowledge and power that his presentations bring to the beauty industry are no equal. Michael, a genuinely inspiring visionary, brings a dynamic presence to every stage.
If you would like him to visit your salon for a once-in-a-lifetime class, then Mr. O’ Rourke is your stylist.

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