Kenneth Kiser

I’ve always had a passion for art and fashion that is what lead me to going to barber school. I’ve been cutting hair for seven years. After my first year in the hair industry I saw that I wasn’t going to have any growth at the location I was at, so I opened my own barber shop in 2013. After myself, and the rest of the team, developed a full schedule, I was ready for some more in-depth education. I flew out to Los Angeles to learn from some of my mentors that I follow on Instagram: Andrew Does Hair and Julius Caesar. That is when I came across my first pair of Hattori Hanzo shears. I’ve learned from some of the best in the industry including Matty Conrad. My educational experiences include both “look and learn” and “hands on” classes from those guys.

I own and use daily the Kae Waza HH 2 6.5 inch, the HH 2 5.0 inch, the Hiramei HH 2T, the Yumi HH 6L shears. I’m also a “lefty” as you might have guessed by now I basically own almost all the left- handed shears you guys offer, so my knowledge of these shears performances is excellence A few of my specialty cuts include men’s pompadour, men’s medium length cuts with the Hanzo fixed razor, trimming and cleaning of men’s beards with the Yumi and the fixed razor for cleaning the edges of the beard. I’ve always enjoyed cutting bobs or pixies using multiple Hanzo shears.

I think I would be a great addition to the Hanzo team, because of my story, my different levels of education, and the ability to help you guys sale shears during classes. The specialty cuts I have to offer for both women and men, combined with the passion I have for the industry, sharing my journey from a basic shear to discovering the Hanzo shear will help me connect with the audience and they will be able to relate to my story on both a professional and personal level. My social media presence has been growing more all the time, plus I have started cutting in Asheville, North Carolina. My vision and desire is to open a second location there in time to come. I feel like my journey in this industry is just getting started and I would love to be aboard the Hanzo team! I have attached a few of my shear cuts and beard trims using the shears and razor, so you guys can check out a first-hand view of my work.

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