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Kelly Lamb's

Unlock your cutting-edge creativity with Kelly Lamb, a renowned 10x certified hair artist, precision cutting specialist, and esteemed hair educator. With an unwavering passion for the craft, Kelly is dedicated to transforming hair into living works of art and brings a wealth of expertise to the hairstyling industry. When it comes to haircutting, Kelly excels in the realm of dry cutting, texture, and creativity. Through the mastery of dry-cutting techniques, each snip is strategically placed to bring your vision to life. You’re guaranteed to leave her chair with a hairstyle that is truly unique and tailor-made. Kelly is also a true connoisseur of texture, extension blending, and voluminous, big-bodied hair. Whether you desire a subtle enhancement or a dramatic makeover, Kelly’s skills and expertise always deliver exceptional results. As a dedicated educator, Kelly is passionate about passing on her love for the industry and her expertise. Sparking the same passion in the hearts of aspiring hair artists. She believes in the power of continuous learning and is committed to helping others unlock their potential.

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