Kat Leonard

Kat Leonard

Licensed in 2010 through a trade school program in Texas high schools, Kat began a career bright eyed and bushy tailed at 16 inside a corporate owned TONI & GUY inside the Woodlands Mall. From shampooing, cutting hair out of chairs, scrubbing baseboards, and pulling in strangers to cut their hair in the extensive and strict T&G education program for two years. Kat completed the intermediate level program and moved to tier 2 on the floor stylist with a full book. Kat spread her wings to move on to get licensed in Alabama and Tennessee. Working for small boutique shops learning color. And onto a barbershop in Tennessee to gain a classic traditional barbers education from Next Gen barbershop in Murfreesboro. All the way down to 9 step straight razor shaves and warm lather edge ups–Kat wasn’t afraid to learn any of it.
She thoroughly enjoyed the barber atmosphere all the while yearning to be full service…so Kat moved states away again…this time back to Houston and directly into suite rental in a salon with an established education program. Kat is always seeking opportunities to be fed in her craft and in an industry that is ever evolving and recycling/upcycling new twists on classics.
“I believe cosmetology is the study of cosmos as it relates to the human experience. The hair is an antenna tuning us–just right–so that someone can genuinely and realistically connect to the divine. The technician (stylist) must be proficient flexible and educated to form that connection for each unique individual that we come in contact with. My passion is to give others the foundation that breaks fear. The ability to create confidently. Make professional educated decisions and recommendations that are not repeated or regurgitated information. Always expanding my own knowledge base. And always pushing my own boundaries…”

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