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Heather is a southern California transplant working at Phanhaus in Scottsdale, Arizona. She takes clients in both states and loves a wide range of hair, from lived-in, beachy textures to modern mullets. She believes in marrying theory from color into the world of haircutting and never falling into “auto-pilot” behind the chair. Heather has taught independent classes since 2019 and is passionate about elevating the beauty industry through education.

Some accomplishments she’s proud of thus far in her career include making Modern Salon Top 100 of 2020, being part of the Salon Centric It Takes a Pro Team from 2018-2020, and working with countless brands over the years. These experiences have taught her the importance of human connection in our field, and she wants every student to walk away feeling excited and inspired. A class with Heather will encourage a shift in the paradigm and help your artists realign with their “why” behind the chair and beyond.

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